Photo Model # Title Description Price
#14553 Quick Clamp CanopyTM Tilt-Mount

The cover of this canopy shifts left to right, adjusts vertically up and down, and tilts to 20 degrees in either direction.

#14563 Quick Clamp Outdoor Shade Canopy

Decorative shade solution for any outdoor occasion. It’s super sturdy and possesses a table mount plus a three-legged base to ensure stability.

#22568 Sports Series - 2.4m x 2.4m Blue Slant Leg

Good to Go. Instant Shade. Anytime. Anywhere. Be ready to play it cool in the shade with our most compact pop-up.


#22736 Slant Leg

Pop-up Tent 2.40m X 2.40m


#23521 Max APTM Compact Canopy 10' x 10'

The compact 10' x 10' canopy sets up in minutes and delivers the perfect seasonal shade solution for decks, patios or smaller coverage areas.

#25674 Slant Leg

Triangle 3.70m X 3.70m

#25676 Slant Leg €0.00
#25712 Slant Leg

Tent (roll) 4.60m X 1.80m Green

#25757 Max AP Canopy 10' x 20' - 6 Legs

Our most popular selling canopy, the 10' x 20' sets up in minutes and is perfect for seasonal vehicle storage, backyard events, camping, craft fair


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