Photo Model Title Description Price Product Type
#10073 ShelterAuger 15" Earth Anchors

Securely anchor your shelter to grass or unpacked soil.

€19.99 Anchors
#10471 Ratchet TITE Anchor Kit

Our Ratchet TITETM Anchor Kit provides a rock solid anchoring system that allows for immediate and constant frame-to-anchor tightening f

€29.99 Anchors
#14553 Quick Clamp CanopyTM Tilt-Mount

The cover of this canopy shifts left to right, adjusts vertically up and down, and tilts to 20 degrees in either direction.

€99.99 Canopies
#14563 Quick Clamp Outdoor Shade Canopy

Decorative shade solution for any outdoor occasion. It’s super sturdy and possesses a table mount plus a three-legged base to ensure stability.

€129.99 Canopies
#14604 Shelter Shelf Storage 4'

Looking for a way to better organize your shelter?

€49.99 Accessories
#14605 Shelter Hook Storage Rack 4'

Use this sturdy storage system to hang tools and organize your shed, shelter or instant garage.

€49.99 Accessories
#22568 Sports Series - 2.4m x 2.4m Blue Slant Leg

Good to Go. Instant Shade. Anytime. Anywhere. Be ready to play it cool in the shade with our most compact pop-up.


€149.00 Canopies
#22591 Slant Leg

Pop-Up Tent 3.00m X 3.00m with carry bag

€169.00 Sheds
#22634 Royal Pavilion Pop-Up Gazebo - 3.9mX3.9m(13x13) Straight Leg

Introducing the new Royal Pavilion Pop-Up Gazebo. Create your own instant oasis with 169 sq. ft. of shade coverage on a compact 10 x 10 ft.

Pop-Up Canopies
#22722 Sports Series - 2.4m x 2.4m Spirng Green Slant Leg

Pop-up 2.40m x 2.40m Slant Leg Spring Green

€149.00 Sheds
#22736 Slant Leg

Pop-up Tent 2.40m X 2.40m


€149.00 Canopies
#23521 Max APTM Compact Canopy 10' x 10'

The compact 10' x 10' canopy sets up in minutes and delivers the perfect seasonal shade solution for decks, patios or smaller coverage areas.

#25670 Slant Leg

Triangle 3.70m X 3m70m Terracota

€69.00 Sheds
#25672 Slant Leg €0.00 Sheds
#25674 Slant Leg

Triangle 3.70m X 3.70m

€69.00 Canopies
#25676 Slant Leg €0.00 Canopies
#25712 Slant Leg

Tent (roll) 4.60m X 1.80m Green

#25724 Shade Sail Triangle Evergreen 3.7m X 3.7m X 3.7m

Triangle 3.70m X 3.70m Evergreen

€69.00 Sheds
#25728 Sun Shade Sail Triangle - 12' x 12'/3,7m x 3,7m x 3,7m

Introducing the ShadeLogic Sun Shade SailTM triangle 12' x 12'/3.7m x 3.7m x 3.7m which mixes quality with affordability.

€69.00 Sun Shade Sails
#25730 Canopy Extension/Sidewall Kit

Expand or add a sidewall to your canopy using our Canopy Extension/Sidewall Kit. This accessory will fit to both 1-3/8" and 2" frame sizes.

#25731 Sun Shade Sail Square - 12' x 12'

Introducing the ShadeLogic Sun Shade SailTM square 12' x 12' Sun Shade Sail which mixes quality with affordability.

Sun Shade Sails
#25733 Shade Sail Triangle Sea 3.7mX3.7mX3.7m

Package Includes• (1) 3.7mX3.7mX3.7m (12 ft.

€69.00 Sheds
#25757 Max AP Canopy 10' x 20' - 6 Legs

Our most popular selling canopy, the 10' x 20' sets up in minutes and is perfect for seasonal vehicle storage, backyard events, camping, craft fair

€0.00 Canopies
#25772 ClearviewTM Enclosure Kit with windows 10' x 20'

Looking for versatility in your canopy? Turn it into a functional, low cost, fully enclosed seasonal shelter.

€110.00 Accessories
#58432 Run-In Shed 22' x 20' x 10'

The instant equine shelter. This Run-In Shed was specifically designed for equine and livestock.

#62680 AutoShelter 1020 Portable Garage

AutoShelter® 1020 Portable Garage is America’s most popular instant garage 6.10m X 3.00m X 2.40m.

#62681 AutoShelter 1015 {4.60m X 3.00m X 2.40m} Portable Garage

The AutoShelter® 1015 Portable Garage { 4.60m X 3.00m X 2.40m } was built specifically to house smaller compact vehicles - cars, trucks,

#62689 AutoShelter RoundTop 1015 Portable Garage

The AutoShelter RoundTop® 1015/ 3m x 4.6m x 2.4m Portable Garage was built specifically to house smaller compact vehicles.

€0.00 Garages
#62693 Garage-in-a-Box® SUV/Truck

Introducing our largest Garage-in-a-Box yet! 40% of cars on the road today are SUVs or full size trucks.

€0.00 Garages
#70401 Shed-in-a-Box 6' x 6' x 6'

The Shed-in-a-Box® is designed for easy set up, portability and value.

€0.00 Sheds
#70435 Shed-in-a-Box RoundTop 10' x 10' x 8'

New Shed-in-a-Box RoundTop®.

€0.00 Sheds
#70606 GrowIt® Greenhouse-in-a-Box® 10' x 10' x 8'

Start seedlings or extend your growing season with the ShelterLogic GrowIt® Greenhouse 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 8 ft.

€0.00 Greenhouses
#70608 GrowIt® Greenhouse-in-a-Box® 10' x 20' x 8'

The translucent cover of the ShelterLogic GrowIt®Greenhouse 10 ft. x 20 ft. x 8 ft.

#70641 GrowIt Organic Growers Greenhouse 6' x 8' x 6'6"

Finally a compact greenhouse that delivers form, function, and attractive design in one ready to install package.

€219.99 Greenhouses
#90391 Log Holder with Canvas Carrier - Black

Easily transport firewood with our heavy duty canvas log carrier.

€29.00 Firewood Storage
#90392 Fireplace Classic Log Holder

Functional and stylish, the classic log holder makes a great complement to any room. Keeps logs neat, tidy, and within reach.

€42.00 Firewood Storage
#90395 Firewood Seasoning Shed 5' x 3.5' x 5'/1mX1.1mX1.5m

Season firewood faster and more efficiently with a firewood seasoning shed.

€149.00 Sheds
#90402 Covered Firewood Rack - 8 ft.

Firewood is safely stored and ready to use in a year round firewood storage solution. Great for backyard wood storage.

Firewood Storage
#90403 Covered Firewood Rack - 12 ft.

Firewood is safely stored and ready to use year round. Great for backyard wood storage. Weather protection, and seasoning firewood.

Firewood Storage
#90459 Firewood Rack Adjustable Bracket Kit

The Firewood Rack Adjustable Bracket Kit can adjust to a length that fits your firewood storage needs.

Firewood Storage
#90460 Firewood Rack Bracket Kit

Adjust the length and height of your firewood rack with a Firewood Rack Bracket Kit.

Firewood Storage
#90471 Ultra Duty Firewood Rack - 119cm

The Ultra Duty Firewood Rack 4ft allows you to neatly store your firewood outside your door at may different heights.

Firewood Storage
#90477 Firewood Rack Cover, Full Length - 1.20m

The ShelterLogic Full Length Firewood Rack Cover in 1.20m length, keeps your firewood dry and protected all year round.

Firewood Storage
#90490 Haul-It Wood Mover - Rolling Firewood Cart

Ready-to-roll multi-purpose Wood Mover, assembles with ease.

€0.00 Firewood Storage

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