Ratchet TITE Anchor Kit
Product Description: 

Our Ratchet TITETM Anchor Kit provides a rock solid anchoring system that allows for immediate and constant frame-to-anchor tightening for canopies, shelters and garages. This is your anchor solution for canopies, sheds, garages, storage shelters, bulk materials and tie-downs.

  • 4 Easy Hook cast steel anchors and drive rod included. They take a bite and hold on tight. Effective in any soil condition.
  • Heavy duty steel ratchet hook with webbing ensures a solid frame-to-anchor connection.
  • Rugged plated metal ratchets with sturdy webbing and beefy S-Hook connectors make the tightening process quick and easy.
  • The quick-attach Drill Guide Template clips right to the frame for easy location of the ratchet connection point.
Package Includes: 
  • (4) Easy Hook Anchors - Hook Anchor Size - 1-5/8"
  • (4) Ratchets - Ratchet Webbing Size - 1"
  • (4) Tensioning Straps
  • (1) 36 in. Driving Rod
  • (1) Instructions
  • (2) Drill Guide Clips: 1-1/4" and 1-5/8"

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