ShelterAuger 15" Earth Anchors
Product Description: 

Securely anchor your shelter to grass or unpacked soil. The ShelterAuger Earth Anchors have an innovative corkscrew design which digs in fast and holds on tight.

  • Built specifically for 6 or 8-leg canopies, ShelterAuger quickly anchors the canopy on grass or unpacked soil.
  • Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel construction will not chip, peel, rust or corrode. Built for years of use.
  • Innovative cork screw design digs in fast and holds on tight. Completely portable and reusable. Full kit includes ShelterAuger anchors and heavy-duty marine-grade coated nylon rope for tie down.
  • For larger canopies, additional packs may be required.
  • ShelterAuger works with any canopy, shed or smaller storage shelter.

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